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DefDFires – Operation: Zombie Nation

POSTED ON 22nd November 2011 BY


Operation: Zombie Nation is the second LP from North London Hip Hop group DefDFires; a conceptual album set in London 2012, making devastating observations about a society on the brink of collapse.  Key Skills’ flawless production fuses elements of Grime, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Classical to create the perfect assault course for DefDFires to unleash their most controversial, forward-thinking accomplishment to date.

DefDFires’ commentary portrays the views of an outspoken, confused and frustrated generation; expressing the the insanity of modern life, whilst narrating a complete breakdown of order in the city and how its populous deal with the apocalyptic anarchy that follows. More than a socio-political thesis it is a story told through the perspective of an everyday citizen; drawing from a pallet of sci-fi and zombie references to make a picture that is witty and tongue in cheek, but also profoundly personal and brutally honest.


Under its surface of mass culture mockery and electronic filth, the words and sentiment touch on far deeper subjects; examining the effects of living in a control based system alongside man’s obsession with forecasting his downfall. Part babbling conspiracy theorist, part ancient wisdom and universal truth ‘Operation: Zombie Nation’ is both the soundtrack to armageddon and a manifesto for what can come after.

“Some welcome imagination.  Check DefDFires if cinematic sounds and huge production values tickle your fancy.” – Hip Hop Connection

“Bringing some refreshing drama and lyrical content to the game” –

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  • rustie said:

    fucking incredible album

  • Frank Slinn said:

    Sick sound, funny video!

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