ERIC LAU’s new EP – KILAWATT: V2 01.03.10


Following the release of his debut album – New Territories – on Ubiquity Records in 2008, March 1st 2010 saw the return of the mighty Eric Lau with the long awaited KILAWATT V2 EP.

This 4 track EP is second in the KILAWATT series (check out Damu The Fudgemunk’s earlier release – KILAWATT V1 – in November 2009) and features special guest appearances from Muhsinah, Oddisee and the critically acclaimed, Kaidi Tatham.

Available to download from Kilawatt Music for only £3.16, the EP is also available on 7″ (good man) and if you’re quick, you can also pick up a special limited edition version which includes two free bonus tracks as well for only £5.

Hold tight the Audio Revolution!

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