How Vinyl is produced

If your a vinyl junkie like me, you’ve probably got a shed loads of the lovely precious black stuff sitting on shelves at home. But have you ever wondered how this vinyl is made, it certainly looks more complicated than producing CD’s. I came across this great Vinyl Producing House, here is there story….


In the short time since its inception in 2001, Vinyl Factory Manufacturing (Ex Portal Space Records) has established itself as a leading manufacturer of quality record pressings. Everything and everyone in the plant is dedicated to the provision of a fast, consistent and reliable supply to meet the needs of the customer.

As the inheritors of EMI’s equipment, knowledge and experience our roots go back to the very origins of record discs as a carrier of sound. This heritage includes EMI’s Type 1400 press. All our records are made on these machines which are the result of many years of design and development and are widely recognised as the best in the world.

The Vinyl Factory’s manufacturing philosophy recognises the vital role of people and to this end it has retained key staff from the former EMI Records plant to form the basis of a team who are proud to carry on the historic traditions associated with the best in the music industry.

Located in Hayes, Middlesex, The Vinyl Factory

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