Synthetic Epiphany

Check out this 18 year old producer from near Bristol making some waves!

Synthetic Epiphany lists a broad taste in music that has resulted in him producing tracks from a plethora of different genres. Artists like Burial, Skream and Digital Mystikz influence him into the dark, atmospheric side of Dubstep and Garage, but playing a variety of instruments such as the guitar and piano, and listening to a fair bit of classical and ambient music he mentions really gave him the love of melody. Good Lad!

Recent collabs with the CoMa, and a forthcoming album on Seeking Blue, with another Garage EP in the works. This young lad is one to watch!

I love the crackly, vinyly, analogue burial-esque beats that this man is pumping out, perfection for my ears! Enjoy!

Go grab the EP!

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