Audio Revolution – Day & Night

The Concept:
23 Members of the Original STEP:ONE crew or Good Friends that we have since met with trusted Musical influences are being asked to submit two tunes that to them sum up ‘Day & Night’.

‘Imagine Your rolling around in the heat of the Summer, at a festival, surrounded by good friends and good times, life is perfect! Remember that tune you once heard that made you wish you were back there? This one tune brings back summer’s memories in a flash. This one tune sums up the perfect Summer’s Day anthem.

In contrast to that everyone has their tune that means PARTY HARD!! Was it deep within the Glade at Glastonbury or back in the Arena’s of One Nation, Metalheadz or Moving Shadow, which one tune stopped you in your tracks and the bass kicked in your stomach? Which one tune for you means its after dark and the Funktion One’s are turned up to full?

Any tempo… Any Genre… It just has to mean something to you!

The 23 selected members will be asked to submit these tunes which will go out on a double CD ready for summer. These will be given out and not sold.

Get thinking of your 2 tunes!

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  1. Rompa

    12/10/2010 at 4:57 pm

    Difficult choices to be made here………

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