Jubilee Drops Magic City 3 Via Opening Ceremony

Jubilee is back with her third annual Magic City compilation, released via Opening Ceremony.

Linking up once more with the US fashion label, retail and blog, Jessica Gentile’s latest release aims to recreate the feel of Miama-living sonically, immediately evoking Summertime with Free Magic’s 404 143, before moving through material from the likes of Ikonika, Untold, Mobilegirl and Katie Rex. Magic City 3 spans 11 tracks in total and comes packaged with a neon-tinged artwork from Hester Kim.


Jubilee’s Magic City 3 is out now via Opening Ceremony. Stream and downlaod the tracks below via her Soundcloud.


01. Free Magic – ‘404 143’
02. Opus III – ‘It’s A Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix)’
03. Orlando – ‘Cute’
04. Ikonika – ‘Riposte’
05. Untold – ‘Dolphin Tag’
06. Olive T – ‘270 Degrees’
07. Proper Villains – ‘Spazzmatik Bass’
08. Astrolith – ‘Ultragel’
09. Doctor Jeep – ‘Hydra VIP’
10. Mobilegirl – ‘Vivibass’
11. Katie Rex – ‘Pressure’


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