The new SUBPAC X1 bass system

What is Subpac X1?
The SUBPAC X1 is a single unit that can be used as BOTH a seatback AND a wearable. It is designed for optimal comfort and flexibility, and includes a modular strapping system for both seated and wearable applications.

How much is the Subpac X1?
The new SUBPAC X1 / C1 Pro Bundle is available for a EARLY BIRD PRE-ORDER (limited quantities) price of £375 with the X1 on its own for a price of £261

What does the Subpac X1 do?

UBPAC is a patented tactile audio system that provides a new high-resolution immersive experience to all media- feel it. SUBPAC quietly and accurately transfers deep bass frequencies to create an immersive, physical, full-body

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